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Vox Integra Opera Scenes, Feltre, Italy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what can one say about a video?

We at Vox just can’t get over what an incredible job our videographer has done with the footage he took during his short two day visit in Feltre during our 2019 Staged Opera Scenes Workshop.

In fact, we can’t stop watching it - even if it actually only depicts the culmination of what was an incredibly intense week of hard work - lessons, rehearsals, masterclasses and performances.

We love it because it captures so much of what Vox Integra stands for, especially when it comes to a course such as this one: i.e. rigorous, professional teaching in a supportive environment, unique performance opportunities, cultural immersion in the birthplace of opera, lasting friendships and fun, transformative experiences in truly breathtaking and historical places, and... so much more that is difficult to put into words.

Besides all the hard work, our week in Feltre also included dinners in delicious trattorias, cappuccinos and “aperitivos” in the local cafes and bars, a very special “open mic” jazz night organised especially for us in the Palazzo Guarnieri with local, Italian musicians, a masterclass with world-renowned mez-soprano Jean Rigby, and peaceful walks immersed in the local culture and architecture of Feltre.

Whilst it’s happening, and while you are immersed in the work, sometimes one can lose perspective of the big picture and of what is going on. Now with a little distance, and with the help of this video, we can see clearly that we’ve created something truly special.

We see that we’re building something that is making a difference in people’s lives, that is offering knowledge, know how, invaluable lessons, but even more importantly, is giving singers a unique opportunity to live, learn and develop their vocal and performer persona in a professional environment.

Each year, the experience has been transformative: for Vox Integra and for our participants.

We certainly cannot help but feel proud of what we have accomplished in these two years, and how far our singers have come! And we absolutely cannot wait for August 2020.

We will announce our teachers for 2020 very soon on our website. Please stay tuned. It’s going to be an incredible week.

In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at the video and be inspired!

We hope you will join us in Feltre!!

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