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What Is Vox Integra?

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire the next generation of singers by unlocking their potential. In addition, we want to do our part to ensure a healthy future for the opera and vocal arts. We strive to enhance students’ transferable skills beyond their formal studies, such as conservatoire.

We hope to encourage our talented students to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, which will help them take ownership of their future.

Theresa Goble

Theresa Goble

Mezzo Soprano Core Tutor

Morag McLaren

Morag McLaren

Soprano Core Tutor

Lady Deirdre Dyson

Lady Deirdre Dyson

Honorary Patron

Peter Rose

Peter Rose


Madelyn Renée

Madelyn Renée

Artistic Advisor

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a leading provider of specialised career development courses for students and professionals in the vocal arts who want to take their singing to a new level. By exploring and integrating technique, physicality, creativity, imagination and performance psychology, we aim to teach our students how to master a more free and confident vocal performance.

Our Values

Here at Vox Integra, we value creativity, excellence, passion, enjoyment and professionalism.


What Makes Vox Integra Different?


There are three main factors that make Vox Integra stand out: our experience, our proven success and our holistic teaching approach.

Theresa and Morag have each spent 35 years in the business, in a conservatoire, as performers, educators and collaborators. Similarly, our hand-picked team of professionals are experienced, each with their own specific expertise.

Since Vox Integra opened its doors, our bespoke courses have helped many students achieve their goals, whether it was gaining a place at a conservatoire or gaining professional employment.

Our collaborative, holistic teaching approach, which is outlined in our motto ‘singing with your whole self’, helps singers liberate their voice, body and vocal imagination. This holistic approach encourages our students to feel more confident and consistently give better performances.

Vox Integra provides the ideal setting and training for exploring and taking risks in a safe and supportive environment.

Vox Integra was founded by Theresa Goble and Morag McLaren in 2012 and offers tailored courses to aspiring professional singers. Theresa and Morag are talented singers and educators with a combined 75 years’ experience.

 ‘Singing with your whole self’ is the motto here at Vox Integra. The organisation prides itself on its holistic approach to vocal coaching and aims to integrate the heart, body, mind, soul, imagination, and personality into each vocal performance.

The experienced vocal coaches at Vox Integra believe that a holistic approach encourages singers to feel free by eliminating the blocks to a successful and compelling vocal performance.

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