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Our Vocal Clients


At Vox Integra, we have three types of clients: professionals, aspiring professionals, and vocal and singing enthusiasts.

​Professional Singers

We teach professional singers at all stages of their career. Many of our professional students reach out to Vox Integra with specific goals. For example, they may want to refine certain aspects of their technique or they may be preparing for an upcoming role. We also regularly teach professional students who are preparing for a competition, recital or audition, or are working on their own vocal projects.

Aspiring Professionals

Many of our students are also aspiring professional singers who are hoping to one day join a conservatoire. Whereas our other aspiring professionals are currently in a conservatoire or are studying an industry-related postgraduate course.

Vocal And Singing Enthusiasts

You don’t have to be a professional singer to benefit from the Vox Integra experience. We have bespoke courses for vocal and singing enthusiasts. This often includes students who are currently studying or working in another profession but have a passion for singing.


Courses For Our Vocal Clients

Here at Vox Integra, we currently run around seven courses per year. Each course typically lasts 1-3 days. To ensure each student gets the individual attention they need to flourish, we keep courses small, at an average of just 12 students. Our core courses are as follows:

  • How To Prepare For An Audition – Conservatoire Level

  • How To Prepare For An Audition – Professional Level

  • How To Prepare For A Role

  • Ensemble Workshops In The UK And Switzerland

  • Italian Aria Weekend In Italy

  • Staged Opera Scenes In Italy

  • French Song In France


You can find out more about our upcoming courses here. You can also check out the latest news about new courses and tutors here.

Our plan for the future is to increase the number of courses on offer each year. We are also hoping to collaborate with several more guest tutors and expand the range of course topics.

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