Audition Tip 1: Audition season is just around the corner!

September 23, 2019



"Start thinking ahead and doing what is necessary for a healthy next couple of months. Audition season begins in November... so think about eating healthily, drinking the right amount of water to stay "moist and well lubricated" sleeping about 8 hours, taking some good walks in the fresh air and building up vocal stamina. When you are a bit tired, instead of stopping work, do some head work on your pieces, think about the text, the performance, all the things you can do without voicing."
- Professor Susan Muculloch
Thank you Professor Muculloch for these perennially wise words.

Watch out and stay tuned for more Audition Tips from Vox Integra. We're here for you this audition season. If you have any questions about an upcoming audition, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and we'll answer it with a short video or post. Or better yet, sign up for our Audition Prep Course from October 11- 13.


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