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Audition Preparation

October 9-11, 2020

Course Venue: The National Opera Studio, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4HZ

Tutors: Robin Bowman, Theresa Goble

and John Ramster 

Accompanist/Coach: Marc Verter


IN_National_Opera_Studio_001 (1).jpg

The National Opera Studio in Wandsworth, London

This is a popular VOX Integra course that has now been running for several years. We were delighted that a number of those who attended the popular VOX Integra Audition Course last year had success in their conservatoire auditions and won places on their desired courses. Others who took part in the course were successful in auditioning for professional work.


Whether you’re auditioning for a conservatoire, for a role at a major opera house or just for the local amateur dramatics group, it’s important that you are fully prepared musically, vocally and psychologically. What should you expect and how can you best prepare to access your optimum performance when it counts?


This intensive weekend course, which starts on a Friday evening, provides a particular focus on undergraduate and postgraduate level auditions to help you get ahead of the game and face the particular challenges met in any audition situation, so that you can perform at your absolute best, do yourself justice and truly shine.


We will cover all the aspects of the audition process from the practicalities of the actual requirements of the syllabus, stage etiquette, presentation, choosing the best repertoire for your stage of development and importantly preparing yourself psychologically to endeavour to help remove the fear from the process, enable you to access your potential and even enjoy the performance.


The weekend will culminate in a mock audition, following which formal feedback and guidance will be given to each student.




Participant Investment: £325

"Brilliant weekend with VOX Integra at the National Opera Studio" - HM 

"Since the audition course, I was accepted [at various Royal Conservatoires for] Undergraduate Vocal Studies. I couldn't have done it without the audition course" - AC

"I cannot stress enough how helpful the Vox audition preparation weekend was to me, and it was truly instrumental in getting offers and in getting through the process emotionally in tact!" - DM

"Thanks so much for your help during the Vox Integra Audition course in October. It was really useful and I'm so glad to have had that time with you and the Vox Integra team before my auditions." - AF

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a singer in the run up to audition season, will usually be in a bit of a panic...when approaching my Masters auditions last year, I certainly was! The Vox Integra Audition Preparation Course gave me the perfect opportunity to really centre myself and fully prepare for all aspects of what was to come, although the amazingly helpful insights could, and will be, applied to any audition. The fantastic Vox Team, consisting of the most experienced and supportive teachers (who have literally sat on more panels than they care to remember!) was really inspiring and their advice was completely invaluable. They all made sure to provide each individual within the group with the tailor-made guidance they needed to approach their oncoming challenges, whether it was technical advice, dramatic or even, psychological, all the while fostering a really refreshing collaborative and supportive atmosphere throughout. The weekend made such a difference to my singing and my outlook and I am constantly so inspired by the way this team manages to get every singer to give their best when its counts." - EP 

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