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Staying Motivated in Lockdown

You and the world are in lockdown and you may be left feeling unmotivated, drained and overwhelmed, so how on earth do you stay motivated?

Firstly, don’t beat yourself up, it is okay not to be okay! Understandably, right now there is a struggle to keep up with your day to day life and the news, let alone your training and own self-development.

As an actor or singer, whichever you identify as, it may well feel like the industry is non-existent. Those long-awaited jobs, contracts and meetings you had scheduled in the diary are scribbled out but have faith that one day they will be written down in your diary again (with a permanent marker). The industry is living on virtually as much as possible so grab that with both hands and let your creative mind enjoy what is out there.

Here is a little list of things that may help you get through each day:

  • Keep to a schedule – Each night, write down 3 things that you hope to fulfil tomorrow. Even if it is as little as, 1. Go for a walk 2. Ring a friend 3. Listen to a podcast, or as big as 1. Complete 10K run 2. Learn a song 3. Bake a cake, you take the steps that are right for you. If this works out well for you write down 5 things, then 10 things etc.

  • Yoga and Meditation – It is so important to give some time to focusing on your breath, Beverley Worboys “Wake and Shake” classes on our Facebook Live have been massively beneficial for this. Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube is my personal favourite when it comes to yoga videos. Or you can even just take 2 minutes of your day to listen to the world around you. Where I live, I would hear police sirens, birds, buses and people shouting outside my window (yes, there’s a lockdown but I don’t think they know that!)

  • Read books that enhance you as a performer – I personally recommend “The Actor and the Target” by Declan Donnellan or “Finding Your Voice” by Barbara Houseman.

  • Learn a new skill – I have been learning how to do video editing, watch this space, film creating jobs here I come! But of course, new skills don’t have to be so out there, what about baking or juggling?!

  • Watch videos of performances – The BBC have been publishing videos of live theatre since the lockdown. Check it out!

  • A song a day – Set yourself a challenge of learning a song a day and maybe you could film it and send it to your loved ones to put a smile on their face. Just because you’re in lockdown doesn’t mean you have lost an audience!

  • Prepare healthy meals and drink lots of water, but don't forget to treat yourself too!

Anyway, I hope some of that helps. Please do send in your thoughts and if there is anything that has helped you get through the days. Remember that our motto at Vox Integra is “singing with your whole self” so be kind to you.

“Your mind is a reservoir of potential; your heart an ocean of strength; your soul a well of talents; and your body a vessel of power.” - Matshona Dhliwayo

Take care Voxsters!

Jessica x

PS. I will leave with you with this picture of Feltre, Italy, where we hold our opera scenes course, close your eyes and imagine you are there.

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