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Staged Opera Scenes


19-28th August 2022 

Palazzo Guarnieri, Feltre, Italy

Course Artistic Team

Theresa Goble - Course Leader, Vocal Professor

Brian Parsons -  Vocal Professor, Répétiteur

Beverley Worboys - Movement and Vocal Coach

Michael Pugh - Vocal Coach and Répétiteur

Mario Corradi - Opera Director

Maestro Paolo Vaglieri - Musical Director

Artistic Team


Course Includes:

• 1-2-1 voice lessons

• music coaching

• language coaching

• role study

• intensive musical and staging rehearsals with a stage and music director.


Group classes in:

• movement

• stagecraft / performance

• bodywork

• interpretation of individual scenes


Madelyn will be doing two masterclasses in Feltre. One on Tuesday evening and the other on Wednesday morning. 

Vox Integra is delighted to be holding it’s fourth  Opera Scenes Workshop in the historic citadel of Feltre in Northern Italy. This intensive week long course consists of in-depth individual and ensemble sessions on opera arias. recitatives and scenes. Each participant will have the opportunity to work closely with each tutor, music director and stage director in order to develop a sense of the different aspects of opera performance - the learning is then put on its feet in various performance opportunities. 

In 2019, as well as performing in the Palazzo Guarnieri, we had the extraordinary privilege of performing for the first time on stage in the historic Teatro de la Sena! This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity -  singing and performing Italy’s most famous art form, on an original 17th century Italian stage.  This year we are looking forward to performing twice in the Palazzo Guarnieri. 

Update Teatro de la Sena

Since 2020 the theatre has been undergoing renovations that were due to be completed this year. Unfortunately due to Covid and global problems with resourcing materials and the ensuing supply chain complications everyone is experiencing, the completion date has been delayed. As it appears we won’t be able to return to the theatre this year, our esteemed director Mario Corradi will be devising exciting staging of this year’s scenes throughout the Palazzo.

Vox doesn’t hold formal auditions but if you’re not known to members of the team, then we request you send us a recent video clip of you singing. Rather than fitting singers into pre ordained scenes, we intend to fit the scenes around the singers, so as best to match the skill level and development of each participant.

What Participants Can Expect

Vox participants range in levels from talented and passionate amateurs, aspiring professionals and professionals at the start of their careers, as well as established singers wishing to focus on career development. We plan to feature each participant in a main role as well as in an ensemble. The course will be restricted to a maximum of 20 singers so that everyone receives the maximum one to one attention.

Our focus is to help singers develop individually. What is important to us, is each personal journey and growth, no matter where one begins. Each singer whatever their level, can expect the highest quality of professional coaching. In turn, we expect a professional attitude to the course. This means learning your music before arrival, punctuality, team work, dedication to the tasks in hand, and participation in all group exercises.

We value collaboration and team work from all singers. Opera, is in fact a collaborative art form that requires cooperation, empathy and discipline from all participants.


Lessons will take place 9am-1pm; there will be a break from 1pm-5pm for lunch, sightseeing, general rest and relaxation, and private study. Lessons/rehearsals then resume from 5pm-8pm.


Feltre,  located at the foot of the Dolomites is home to the historic Palazzo Guarneri,  where all lessons will take place throughout the week. Feltre is also  home to the Teatro della Sena, aka the “Piccola Fenice”, designed by the same architect as the original Venetian.

Known in Roman times as Feltria, the city obtained the status of municipium in 49 BC with its citizens inscribed into the Roman tribe of Menenia. Subsequently the Lombards, and the various Venetian lords ruled the territory until the arrival of Venetian rule in 1404. Despite the hardships that the city had to face, in particular the terrible fire set by the army of the Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg, which completely destroyed it in 1509, Feltre remains a fascinating and beautiful citadel with various monuments of notable interest.

This picturesque city is full of historic “palazzi affrescati”, museums, churches, including an XI Century Basilica, and noteworthy art works. It is still surrounded and “protected” by 15th century wall around the city.

Furthermore, it is situated in the “Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi” and therefore surrounded by stunning panoramic views and hiking trails.


Palazzo Guarnieri - which will be our headquarters and where all of the lessons swill take place - rises majesticallyl in the “Piazza Maggiore” in the old town’s centre. It was completely remodeled at the beginning of the nineteenth century by the architect Giuseppe Segusini from Feltre, and is decorated with elegant neo-Gothic motifs, also featured in the interior furnishings.

The Palazzo Guarnieri now houses the local Unisono Jazz Academy and hosts a series of top level jazz concerts year round. The owners of the Palazzo - the noble Ferrari-Bravo family - still live on the premises. Each room, one more beautiful than the next, is elegantly equipped with all necessary amenities for concerts, events and even professional recording capabilities, including live streaming! The entire palazzo will be reserved for our use during the course, including a room for a small Vox office. Wifi is available throughout the palazzo. Instruments at our disposal include 3 grand pianos and two uprights.


The ground floor of the palazzo also has a magnificent restaurant called the Unisono Jazz Restaurant & Cafe, that has agreed to offer a discounted lunch to all participants. The chef from Puglia - with his patience and charm in preparing delicious food, even for the vegetarians, vegans and lactose intolerant participants - can’t wait to have us back! We are sure that lunches and dinners at the palazzo will not disappoint and will be a highlight - as they were last year.

Besides the delicious and convenient Unisono Jazz Caffe, Feltre is full of charming and lovely caffe’s, restaurants, trattoria’s and pizzeria’s.

The Course
What to expect
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There are several accommodation options during the week long course. Ranging from the centrally located 3 - star Hotel Doriguzzi ( Breakfast included) to self catering, shared apartments of various standards and prices, all within walking distance of the Palazzo.


Please be in touch for details. 

Alternatively you are very welcome to book your own accommodation if you prefer.





Normal Tuition with NO accommodation: £975 / 1,170 euros

Early Bird (Tuition only): £895 / 1,075 euros (Ends 15th April 2022)


Tuition for Student, Young Artists Under 30, NO accommodation: £895 / 1,075 euros

Early Bird (Tuition only): £820 / 985 euros (Ends 15th April 2022)


The nearest airports are Treviso and Marco Polo. Flights are not included. Please note that there is a City Tax of 1 euro per night per person.


Advice re ongoing Covid 19 travel insurance for courses abroad.


In order to protect your investment from personal circumstances which might otherwise limit or hinder your participation, we strongly recommend participants purchase travel insurance before coming to Feltre.


The insurance should cover you for travel, health and be a policy which expressly includes Covid cover.

The Vox Team



Participant Investment
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