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Staged Italian Opera Scenes in historic Veneto




25 Aug - 3 Sep 2023 

Palazzo Guarnieri, Feltre, Italy

Vox Integra is delighted to be holding it’s fifth Opera Scenes Workshop in the historic citadel of Feltre in Northern Italy. This intensive week long course consists of in-depth individual and ensemble sessions on opera arias. recitatives and scenes. Each participant will have the opportunity to work closely with each tutor, music director and stage director in order to develop a sense of the different aspects of opera performance - the learning is then put on its feet in various performance opportunities. 

In 2019, as well as performing in the Palazzo Guarnieri, we had the extraordinary privilege of performing for the first time on stage in the historic Teatro de la Sena! This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity -  singing and performing Italy’s most famous art form, on an original 17th century Italian stage. In 2022, we performed twice in the Palazzo Guarnieri. Updates on performance spaces for 2023 will be announced asap. 


•  One-to-one specialist voice lessons.

•  Characterisation and role study sessions.

•  Intensive musical and staging rehearsals with stage and musical director.

•  Group classes in movement/ stagecraft.

•  Inspiring masterclasses to improve your interpretation, diction, musicality and expression in                          Italian repertoire

•  One-to-one language and music coaching on your role.

•  Intense breathing and body work.

•  Ensemble coaching and sessions for the chorus when not performing a main role.

Course Artistic Team

David Lawrence: Musical Director

Beverley Worboys: Movement /Stage director 

Theresa Goble: Course Leader/Vocal Professor

Brian Parsons: Vocal Professor/Répétiteur

Marc Verter: Vocal Coach/Répétiteur

Guest Tutor - Matteo Dalle Fratte: Language Coach 


Course Admin Team

Caterina Ciani: Project Development

Course Facilitator: Stephen Miles -

As part of this year’s artistic team, we are thrilled to announce that there will be a celebrity masterclass given by renowned Italian Mezzo Soprano MARGHERITA ROTONDI. Also as part of the week’s events Margherita will be giving a recital of popular operatic and song repertoire. Not to be missed!



















Margherita's Biography



Matteo Dalle Fratte will be joining us on Monday 28th August to

give a Masterclass in Italian repertoire. There will also

be a presentation of Matteo’s newly published book

The Melofonetica Method: A complete guide to

achieving clear and expressive Italian diction for singers.

There will also be a Q&A session. 

What Participants Can Expect

Vox participants range in levels from talented and passionate amateurs, aspiring professionals and professionals at the start of their careers, as well as established singers wishing to focus on career development. We plan to feature each participant in a main role as well as in an ensemble. The course will be restricted to a maximum of 20 singers so that everyone receives the maximum one to one attention.

Our focus is to help singers develop individually. What is important to us, is each personal journey and growth, no matter where one begins. Each singer whatever their level, can expect the highest quality of professional coaching. In turn, we expect a professional attitude to the course. This means learning your music before arrival, punctuality, team work, dedication to the tasks in hand, and participation in all group exercises.

We value collaboration and team work from all singers. Opera, is in fact a collaborative art form that requires cooperation, empathy and discipline from all participants.

Vox doesn’t hold formal auditions but if you’re not known to members of the team, then we request you send us a recent video clip of you singing. Rather than fitting singers into pre ordained scenes, we intend to fit the scenes around the singers, so as best to match the skill level and development of each participant.


Lessons will take place 9am-1pm; there will be a break from 1pm-5pm for lunch, sightseeing, general rest and relaxation, and private study. Lessons/rehearsals then resume from 5pm-8pm.