25th September 

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8-10th October 2021

This is a popular VOX Integra course that has now been running for several years. We were delighted that a number of those who attended the popular VOX Integra Audition Course last year had success in their conservatoire auditions and won places on their desired courses. Others who took part in the course were successful in auditioning for professional work. 

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Welcome to VOX Integra – a leading provider in the UK of specialised career development courses for students and professionals in the vocal arts.

Theresa Goble and Morag McLaren, singers and educators each with 35 years’ experience, founded VOX in 2012 to provide bespoke courses to aspiring professional singers to equip them with practical tools to develop their creativity, talent and careers. Practically, their aim is to help ensure a healthy future for opera and the vocal arts.

Led by internationally renowned tutors, VOX’s highly professional, yet playfully innovative workshops teach singers to explore their potential, release their voice and actor and ultimately take ownership of their technique and creative ideas. VOX courses create a safe, supportive atmosphere, providing the ideal environment for singers to take more risks, become more confident and consequently more successful.

Singing with your whole self is more than just a tagline – VOX’s holistic approach integrates heart, body, mind, soul, imagination and personality, giving singers the freedom to unlock their potential. Students are encouraged to explore physicality, creativity, imagination, and performance psychology.

Theresa and Morag have created a formula for channeling information overload, integrating it, and through a personalized holistic approach, transforming and unlocking singers’ potential. VOX’s small-group policy means singers receive a lot of individual attention, as well as invaluable group support and community. VOX has consistently been able to provide a combination of rigorous training combined with sensitivity to personal and professional development at all levels, an ideal setting for true growth.

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