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Christopher Lane - VOX TALKS

Vox Integra is very happy to launch it's 2nd Vox Talks interview, this time with UK based stage director Christopher Lane. In March, Chris and Theresa Goble visited Feltre and the Palazzo Guarnieri to finalise the details of the Vox Integra Staged Opera Scenes Course which will take place this summer, from August 19-26 in Italy. In this 20 minute interview, Chris talks about his experiences growing up doing theater, his transition to opera, and later, working with some of the world's greatest singers and directors at the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden. Vox is so fortunate to be working with such a talented team! There are still a few spots left for Feltre! Please visit our website if you'd like to sign up. Watch. Enjoy. And be inspired. #voxtalks

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