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Preparing a Role

May 5-7, 2017

Course Venue: The National Opera Studio, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4HZ

Student Investment: £295

Tutors: Theresa Goble, Morag McLaren
and Greg Eldridge

Accompanist/Coach: Michael Pugh

Preparing a role in the right way is essential.

This weekend course will be very much focused on how a singer fully inhabits a role, whether in just an aria or a whole opera or other production and what tools and skills are necessary in preparing for this.

Whether you’re performing on an international opera stage or in an intimate cabaret club setting, it’s important to fully embody your character – be it for an entire four act opera or for a single comic song.

This course will help you put in the necessary preparation before you sing a single note, to know and understand your role inside out.  There will then be plenty of practical opportunities to explore and demonstrate how this transforms your performance, pulling in your audience until they are on the edge of their seats!


Our last course attracted students from around the UK and from Italy, France and Switzerland, and we anticipate that future courses will also bring together an international cast of students. 

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