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Saturday Sing In!

Oct. 14, 2017

Course Venue: The National Opera Studio, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4HZ

Student Investment: £165

Tutors: Theresa Goble and Beverly Worboys

Accompanist/Coach: Michael Pugh

As singers we are all troubadours – storytelling is an essential part of our craft! Following on from our highly successful day courses earlier in the year we’re happy to announce our next intensive voice workshop day for October 14, 2017.

The day will take the form of ‘how to learn’ and prepare a piece, so we will be inviting singers to come along with a chosen piece of any style, essentially ‘unprepared’. Of course you will need to have a

Catrin Lewis as ‘The Sandman’ in the Cooper Hall production of Humperdink’s Hansel and Gretel. Froome Festival, July 2014

working knowledge of whatever your chosen piece is, but during the day you’ll learn how to integrate all the aspects involved in preparing a piece for performance.  

Singers who come on more than one of our courses often ask ‘will we be doing similar things this time?’. The answer is unashamedly YES. We focus on the core elements that we believe are integral to developing as a performer; these come from our own experience of many years as performers and teachers and are the key elements that we believe to be the best way to allow you to fully realise your expressive capabilities.

In a singer’s life repetition is the key to refining, exploring and deepening our understanding of a piece or role; knowing the notes is just the beginning of the journey. Those of you who return to one of our workshops will therefore be repeating elements, but you will be working at a more advanced level each time, so that you’re approaching them with a new understanding and at a more advanced level each time. Communication is the key.

For booking or for further information please send us an email:

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