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April 24, 2018

Vox Integra is thrilled to introduce a new series of interviews with singers, directors and producers called VOX TALKS! With this series, we hope to bring you the best advice, expertise and insights from some of the top people working in the opera world. 

We are honoured to present our first guest, American Soprano Madelyn Reneé.

Madelyn Reneé’s  international career has seen her perform in the world’s major opera houses, from La Scala Milan, the Metropolitan Opera New York, Vienna Staatsoper  and Sydney Opera to name but a few.  

Madelyn studied at the Juilliard School of music New York. Whilst there, an appearance in a Masterclass given  by Luciano  Pavarotti lead to her making her debut as Mimi in La Boheme opposite the legendary tenor,  an opera  she subsequently performed in with him many times. 

Vox recently had the pleasure of interviewing Madelyn in her beautiful home in Cortina D’Ampezzo.In this interview, Madelyn shares with us her experiences as a singer on the international stage and passes on invaluable  advice that will be of interest to all singers.

Enjoy, share and be inspired!

Happy Listening from the Vox Team. 



Part One: 

When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

The importance of learning languages

How important is it to go to Conservatoire?

The importance of technique and knowing your repertoire


 Part Two: 


Importance of going to the studio and practicing to get to know your voice

Where does practice discipline come from?

You have to enjoy the practice

Being a singer, is being an athlete! It's training.

Pavarotti's technique

Experience with Pavarotti

How to cope with the pressure

Madelyn'e Debut as Mimi with Pavarotti

 Part Three:

Did you realize how much pressure you were under?

The advantages and disadvantages of starting at the top

The life of an opera singer

What was your favorite or most challenging role?

Singing out of our comfort zone

Working on your first octave, gives you the grounding you need for the higher registers

The influence of technology today

"The stage is the greatest teacher"


Part Four: 

The bridge between Conservatoire, Management and the Field

Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in singers

What was one of your most exciting experiences

Do you teach?

Building your voice note by note
Pushing your voice
Finding the right teacher

 Part Five: 


Teaching is one of the great gifts

Don't get too easily discouraged when you're auditioning
The importance of perseverance and diligence
Be eclectic in your music listening
The difference between opera and jazz
"crossover is the new language"
Enjoy your performance
Upcoming projects
Finding your voice
When you're on stage you're giving a part of yourself
The audience are your friends, not your enemy. Be nice to your friends!




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